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DRNGhana and Calm Waters Group-USA led a consortium to join Enabled Earth Foundation in Accra, Ghana for a virtual live event, dubbed “WOKE Radio Lunch and Fundraiser”. This was a live event on social media seeking to show the world the need for the establishment of Alphabeta school in Ghana that empowers youths with disability.

A patriotism call that brought high-powered dignitaries from the social welfare department, Ministry of Children and Social Protection, delegations from Ghana’s Federation of Disability and the general public, and all Implementing partners including; Enabled Earth Foundation, BlueCore Institute and ClockWork to share the importance of empowering youth with disabilities to the collective economic and social good.

Whiles, they made a presentation on the three-prong research used to develop their tuition curriculum program and business model. WOKE™ radio is where the mashup happens, where we forget what makes us different, highlighting what makes us human.

What client say

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