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The genesis of Disaster Resilience Network Ghana started as a community youth disaster volunteer group formerly called Resilient Cities Foundation and has been in existence since 2000. A group of youths came together through the awareness of the founder VKAFoli, to respond to Emergency disaster situations. He has witnessed many flash floods occurrences hit several communities, devastating our natural environment through natural hazards.

This lack of awareness increases society’s vulnerability and adds to even human losses that he witnessed and reported. This highlighted the need for an immediate call to action. He was able to mobilize youths’ embodiment as community disaster volunteer groups which aimed some keep-fit Training rudiments to assist reduce, or avoid, the potential impacts and losses from hazards, risks and disasters. As youth groups, they assembled at various highly exposed communities to render prompt and appropriate assistance to victims of disasters to achieve effective response and recovery.  We used our numbers to focus on Advocacy, Sensitization and Education in Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation measures, environmental sustainability, Climate Change Actions and Livelihood Empowerment that evolved training platforms in teaching life skills to create employment opportunities.

Disaster Resilience Network (DRN) Ghana became legally established In 2018 under Ghana’s Companies Act,1963, Act 179. We have grown steadily having the community and livelihoods imperative to us. Many of these communities we work in are fragile and at the same time among most Districts and Municipalities at risk of natural disasters. Disaster Resilience Network Ghana institutionalized its Operations under the Local Government Structure, working to expand its programs and activities to all the 276 MMDAs to contribute to the disaster management cycle, Early Warning Systems – EWS’s; Disaster preparedness, prevention, response and recovery efforts. Building Community Resilience through reconstruction, relief and mitigation efforts to build back better, leaving no one behind.

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