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About DRNGhana

We are dedicated with a core mandate to address impact of disaster risk, climate change and environmental hazards challenges in various sectors of the Ghanaian economy.

Our focus is conducting research and development into developing new solutions in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation to build disaster-resilient societies.

Interventions - Building community resilience since 2012

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DRNGhana and Calm Waters Group-USA make a case for disability-Inclusion In Disaster Risk Reduction and Community Resilience Building to achieve sustainable development in Ghana.
Opening DRNGhana and Calm Waters Group-USA led a consortium to join Enabled Earth Foundation in Accra, Ghana for a virtual live event, dubbed “WOKE Radio Lunch and Fundraiser”. This was a live event on social media seeking to show the world the need for the establishment of Alphabeta school in Ghana that empowers youths with...
February 28, 2023
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DRN(Disaster Resilience Network)Ghana special Initiative division introduces Comic Art Booklets to tell the Stories of disaster affected communities and their Resilience Pathway.
Opening DRN(Disaster Resilience Network) under its special Initiative projects launches a new development model called Comic Art Stories. This SIP- Special Initiative Project was born out of the need to provide to the general public and targeted audience tailored risk communication in disaster risk reduction and resilience building. The Comic Art Booklets Special Initiative will...
February 28, 2023
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DRNGhana and Center for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies – University of Ghana UG
Opening DRNGhana called on Ghana’s higher learning institution; the University of Ghana, Center for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies (C3SS); To serve a National resilience Blueprint in response to climate change and natural hazards occurring in Districts in a comprehensive, fact-based, and capacity-building manner. This Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Blueprint will mitigate disasters and develop...
February 28, 2023
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