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Learn About DRNGhana

One word encapsulates the entirety of our existence – Resilience – At Heart and our core values. In so far as we thread towards achieving Resilience, all subsets of disasters automatically fall into the natural order of containment. In interrogating our projects, Programs Intellectual Property (IPs) and Concept Papers, you will consistently find Resilience as a main parameter of our works.

As we progress towards strategic partnerships, sponsorships and donor relationships, we implore you, as an individual or Establishment/Organization, put Resilient Concepts at the heart of your  operations, inadvertently, you will directly reduce the costs of your operations, achieve increased productivity and in the process, now inform positive DRR -Disaster Risk Reduction and CCM – Climate Change Management and Adaptation altogether, improving your Greenprints, and growing a Sustainable Healthier World / Worlds

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.