National Afforestation - Tree Planting

Tree Planting compensate CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. We grow forest and gathers detailed information regarding each tree we plant and CO2 compensation stats so that we present planting activities to the Districts wiith pride.

Why plant a tree to save the world?

Planting a tree is such a simple act that most people are able to do it. If everyone planted a tree every month, we would help reduce the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which would help in combatting climate change by reversing global warming. Earth is the only home we know so far. We can’t just leave on a whim to colonise another planet. We need to take care of our pale blue dot, Spaceship Earth.

Why plant a tree to offset your carbon footprint?


Everything we do in life has a carbon footprint, from travelling to constructing buildings, and eating. By planting trees, over the lifetime the trees will absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. By becoming carbon neutral, or even better, climate-positive it means we can create balance with nature.