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5 June 2020

Online Training Certificate Course for Non Profit Directors and Non Profit Management as Partners to the Sustainable Development Goals - UNSDGs Agenda 2030.

Online Certificate Course for Non Profit Organizations in Africa and Ghana. On directors Education and Training Certificate for non profit organization.

Organized by Disaster Resilience Network Ghana DRNGhana and Center for SDGs Global Education USA - A UN SDGs Global Education Initiative.


It is also targeted for Managemenrt of Non profit as Partners in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A UN 2030 Agenda Initiative in Ghana. Held on June 5, 2021 at 9am-


NGO Mission

Defining the present in shaping the future.

Overview of NGOs mission and salient issues in capacity building, risk management, Board of Directors leadership lessons. Foundation grants, corporate funding and practical grant writing. Finally legal Non profit issues, Non Profit financial books, National and Intentional policies