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21 October 2020

The International Institute of Family Development presents: Un-Equal Impact: Climate Change and COVID-19 – Balancing Justice.

DRNGhana Founder And Executive Director Victor K. A. Foli invited as a keynote speaker at this virtual live event: Conversation is designed to bring leaders together on a global level to discuss improving the impacts of climate change, healthy equity and environmental harm from a justice framework, to plan forward an action towards impacting the social welfare of our local and interconnected global community. Creating an opportunity to bridge the gap between climate change, social welfare, environmental sustainability and healthy equity is complex but not impossible. The complexity lies within our frame of reference and how the work is centered around. Today, we may have not figured it all out, but we do know the  right next step is to create an opportunity to support the intersectional point of view  that allows us to

strengthen opportunities for saving the lives of vulnerable populations – and we must do that with a commitment of our collective institutions , resources, skills and talents to create a  trust fund that can utilized to address the community level imperative  for prevention, intervention through education  and to rebuild resilience.

Conversational Keynote Speakers Includes:

  1. Daniel Kreeger, Executive Director - Association of Climate Change Officers:  ●What is the importance of this moment? ●How is  Social  Justice and Climate Change interconnected? ●What is the right next step forward to address climate change in a manner that holds justice at the center? ●Where do the opportunities lie in creating equity and access in climate finance and business,  especially creating opportunities to build back stronger resilience in the most vulnerable communities? Panel Discussion:  ●Question: Is it possible to maintain the balance towards  justice  in  our collective work to heal and save our common humanity?
  2. Lady Tee Thompson, Founder And Director -AgroBiz:  Food Security and Sovereignty. ●How can we rapidly transform and transition our food systems, one farm at a time, toward the creation of a food system that is more sustainable, and Earth-Friendly? ●How do women, especially women of color and  of African descent, become agents of change within  the food security industry?  Panel Transition:  Open Reactions and Questions.
  3. Margaret Eaglin, Executive Director -City of Chicago : Vulnerability and Poverty. Rebuilding Lives through Community Education and Capacity Building   ●How does poverty make us vulnerable to poor health outcomes? ●What is needed to rebuild  healthy lives   and increase the capacity of our health systems to center on equity and justice ?  PanelTransition: Open  Reaction
  4.  Victor K. A. Foli, Founder And Executive Director - Disaster Resilience Network Ghana,  Making the Case for Humanity – Climate Justice as a Human Right. ●How do we establish Environmental Preparedness as a Human Right? ●#HE4SHE is more than a slogan, what is the opportunity to have men to support women, especially indigenous women as climate change stewards?  Panel Transition: Open Reactions.

Climate change, health equity, social justice, environmental sustainability are each hugely important and complex issues, yet  we cannot afford to address them separately. The root causes are the same , the stakes are too high , the need for action is too urgent and the opportunities for teamwork are far  too serious to leave on the table. The conversation is built upon three pillars: Leadership, Innovation and Investment. The conversation provides an opportunity to share thought leadership on the urgency of connecting opportunities amongst the sectors to discuss industry issues and find inspiration on how to conquer challenges through mobilizing for action.  Thanks to all the Partners who made this possible and a success.