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21 February 2021

DRNGhana and Calm Waters Group-USA make a case for disability-Inclusion In Disaster Risk Reduction and Community Resilience Building to achieve sustainable development in Ghana.

DRNGhana and Calm Waters Group-USA led a consortium to join Enabled Earth Foundation in Accra, Ghana for a virtual live event, dubbed “WOKE Radio Lunch and Fundraiser”. This was a live event on social media seeking to show the world the need for the establishment of Alphabeta school in Ghana that empowers youths with disability.


A patriotism call that brought high powered dignitaries from the social welfare department, Ministry of Children and Social Protection, delegations from Ghana’s Federation of Disability and the general public, and all Implementing partners including; Enabled Earth Foundation, BlueCore Institute and ClockWork to share importance of empowering youth with disabilities to the collective economic and social good.

Whiles they made presentation on the three prong research used to develop their tuition curriculum program and business model. WOKE™ radio is where the mashup happens, where we forget what makes us different, highlighting what makes us human.

DRN-Ghana and Calm Waters Group-USA represented as global equality activists, gave presentations on the provision of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8 and the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy. Through capacity building of PWDs in Ghana in the area of climate change adaptation via BlueCore Institute for their involvement in direct local and global actions. SDGs training will be profiled to cover Disaster Risk Reduction – DRR, Community Emergency Response Teams- CERTs, first responders in disaster emergency situations that will help them to save lives and protect property’s and know what to do before, during and after disasters. By a Cameo snapper course per every semester.

DRNGhana proposed a special Initiative Green Jobs Creation; for the design and assembling of solar electronic products which will employ 90% of PWDs that will create sustainable incomes for descents life’s. This module designed will extensively deal with PWDs social integration, stigma and independency that will revive thier human dignity and social recognition as contributors to Ghana’s economic development. DRNGhana and Calm Waters Group-USA Consortium pointed out below as measurable call to action.

  •  Use Consortium as strategic alliance to secure active participation of PWDs in Ghana in DRR policies and resilience building. Also to garner humanitarian relief support for them.


  • Mainstream disability-focused development in all Government Policies via reforms in Public services that will facilitate citizens with disabilities to be active participants in their community.


  • Develop world class capacity building programs targeting new leaders with disabilities, aimed at their active participation in the design of DRR measures that promote social inclusion and proper economic living standards.


  • Conduct multiple online and field surveys to capture persons with disability that will help frame a better collective understanding before and during disasters.

Participants where given opportunity to ask questions, whilst DRN(Ghana) and Calm Waters Group-USA  leading the consortium provided feedbacks. They also detailed fundraising model objective to enable operations towards deployment of lobby and liaison engagements, administrative consultations worldwide etc. Relevant to activation of Alphabeta™ Faculty, modeled as independent BOD-managed educational facilities globally beginning in Ghana towards translating/profiling the seeming-immobility of persons with disability (PWD’s)  preferably called PD(Physically Deficient) into measurable assets, measurably and sustainably