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13 October 2020

DRNGhana celebrates International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction – IDDRR Day 13th October 2020 with a diplomatic activism advocacy action at the forecourt of Ghana’s Parliament House Accra; On the Theme; “Disaster Risk Governance” - Play Your Part. #ItsAllAboutGovernance #DRRday2020

DRN(Ghana), IDDRR Day-Event 13 October 2020, designed as diplomatic activism advocacy targeted at Parliamentary lobbying, towards achieving goodwill for policy shaping and direction. Good governance and good planning includes everyone and leads to action on reducing disaster risk. DRNGhana joins the world to celebrate the United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction – UNDRR annual calendar event International Disaster Risk Reduction Day – IDDRR DAY,    13th October. DRNGHANA marked this significant DRR event by organizing a diplomatic activism, targeted at parliamentary lobbying and advocacy; At the legislative arm of Government of Ghana, Parliament House, towards achieving goodwill for UNDRR SENDAI Framework and DRR policy-shaping and direction.

In the face of the cascading effects future risks might represent, good governance, the theme of 2020 International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (October 13th), appears as a key to a door that holds a more prosperous, resilient and secure future. Many disasters can be avoided or prevented if there are disaster risk reduction strategies in place to manage and reduce existing levels of risk and to avoid the creation of new risk

For the first time, in the face of global growing needs for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) awareness, education and sensitization in Ghana; DRNGhana presented a policy proposal direction to Ghana’s Parliament Interior Committee as a petition representing a call to action by the legislators. Relevant private sector organizations, Government ministries and agencies were invited to allow their staffs to join a float from Kwame Nkrumah Park Circle Accra, to Parliament House to present a policy-change proposal officially. This day was used to increase public awareness and sensitization in Disaster Risk Reduction-DRR, Climate Change Management and Adaptation, Biological Hazards; (COVID-19 Preparedness, Response & Recovery) since it low in Ghana. All as part of our advocacy focus.

DRNGhana Policy Proposal Paper Presentation to Committee of Interior of Ghana's Parliament stated measures on full achievements of the UNDRR SENDAI Framework 2015-2030. For Ghana to achieve measurable and collective success of the Sendai unless there is full integration of this policy change proposal work profile. That will improve Ghana’s ratings on the SENDAI scoreboard as well as on the UN SDGs charts.


Event was published at the UNDRR Knowledge Hub Prevention Web.

Event Partners: NADMO, AYAB, GAYO. Event Day, indirectly engages parallel communities through awareness creation fliers, with main event  At Ghana’s Parliament House, where policy lobby document is read out and then presented to the Parliamentary Board and representatives of Interior Committee. Event social climax was a Green song performance by musician union of Ghana - MUSUGA