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15th April, 2021

DRN(Disaster Resilience Network)Ghana special Initiative division introduces Comic Art Booklets to tell the Stories of disaster affected communities and their Resilience Pathway

DRN(Disaster Resilience Network) under it’s special Initiative projects lunches a new  development model called Comic Art Stories. This SIP- Special Initiative Project was born and out of the need to provide to the general public and targeted audience tailored risk communication in disaster risk reduction and resilience building. The Comic Art Booklets Special Initiative will deliver real time disaster events stories that are timely, relevant and accessible to be used as effective risk communication tool for Ghanaian citizens. Reading and learning the comic stories will reduce our risks exposures educate about Early Warning Systems – EWS for Community disaster Preparedness, Prevention, Response, Relief and Recovery.


The comic art series special Initiative will ensure a new paradigm shift through art of comic stories adopting new pathways for national resilience. DRNGhana plans to evolve the comic art booklet series gradually into e-booklets, short skits, films and subsequently an online interactive mobile application.


DRNGhana divisional heads staffs and other volunteers are tasked to study disaster events happenings in our communities and design a database profiling a taxonomy of all hazards. After identifying such districts disaster events they will frame stories for the comic team to develop creativity, apply suspense, adventure, drama romance, action and mystery and time to invest deep thought into story framing. Quality of work with great effort and skill to end up with great work that people will enjoy fully. Stories will be guided by solutions and models portraying best approach for building community’s resilience. Comic stories made up of reading bubbles and drawings, needs to expand and deepen the story to enable bubbles to evolve and grow wings. Surly fun and excitement bonding DRNGhana in these developments.


Upgrading ideas, dreaming new directions, inspiring creativity and proactivity, Using simple but effective approach to story development for measurable and effective resilience representation, in generic sustainable growth inclusive development undertakings. Comic Art Booklets directly delivers: Profile and Disseminate  relevant CCM-Educational Information. Provide Carbon Footprint Measure (All-inclusive)  towards  mitigation. Bridge Cultural Differences  via  artworks Modules Relevant track  CCM(Solutions)  measurably. Educational Solutions via Information Technology. Evolving  from  Emerging Educational Models Research and  measurably adapting  the non Conscious Assimilation Approach,

The Resilience Pathway Comic Art Booklets will fully empower all communities and different targeted audience to protect livelihoods and preserve lives by identifying and understanding current risks and hazards that informs mitigation of potential future risk. Given resilient goals of CCM ie. Climate Change Management, paper printed books will be minimal. Business of comic books production, is via Advertisements placements. Comic Books can be produced Monthly or Quarterly, as relevant to available budgets. Dedicated team will evolve great stories development, kept simple, attractive and believable for winning the Ghanaians public appeal.