Organization Structure

DRNGhana Administration, Management and Governance Structure is a hierarchy of responsibility and the requisite authority starting with the BOD Chairman, President or CEO and his/her two Vice President Executive Officers at the top level. They are responsible for setting the company’s goals and strategic direction. Supporting layers of managers under the top executive level are responsible for planning, developing, and executing actions to achieve these goals in their areas of responsibility or departments, which are arranged in order of appropriate information flow and decisions from management.


There shall be the office of the Chief  Executive Officer who shall be the head of  the Secretariat. He/she shall be an employee of  the Organization and his/her office shall fall  under the Secretariat whose terms of service  shall be determined by the Board.


Tier 1 - President | BOD Chairman

Tier 2 - Vice President In-charge of Operations | Vice President In-charge of Administration | BOD-Secretary.

Tier 3 - General Manager | Office Manager | Managing Director | Human Resource Manager | Financial Director

Tier 4 - Business Development Coordinator | Special Project Initiative Administrator Divisional Heads

Tier 5 - Field Teams Officers | National Service Secretariat Personnel's and Volunteers.