Metropolitan Municipal District Assembly's (MMDAs) Resilience Floating Classrooms.

MMDAs Capacity Building project Dubbed “Resilience Floating Classrooms" features the following:

The floating classroom is designed to be used for resilience training; one session planned and programmed for every quarter.

Designed as a district-level event for community groups, Government, private agencies, and individuals focused on harnessing and coordinating sustainable and resilient growth and development collectively.

Facilitated presentations are made by subject matter experts (SME) from local government agencies working in the areas of resilience and sustainability. Engagements are curriculum-driven and will be accompanied by training materials prepared with input from the SMEs.

Appoint local Government Committee Members in every MMDA to coordinate floating classroom activities. A minimum number of seventy (70) participants is planned for each session,  but we expect more will register and be seated per event.

Invite senior leadership support from Municipal Chief Executives (MCE), District Chief Executives(DCE), Members of Parliament, opinion leaders, media, and investors advise, provide input, and endorse this training, across all Municipalities and Districts.