MMDAs Resilience Awards

DRNGhana believes, based on prior experience, that a sound, well-thought out recognition component is critical to effectively establish a national disaster resilience program. A  profiled recognition action for MMDAs Awards includes;

MMDAs Resilient Awards celebrate and promote initiatives that build whole of Districts Community's resilience to disasters, Climate Change and emergencies around, as well as projects Initiatives that captures resilience in it's framework action. The awards recognize  collaboration and innovative thinking across all sectors. Now planning has begun for the awards that will recognise outstanding contributions in each Districts across six categories: community, business, local government, government, school and  infrastructure. The awards recognise a wide range of initiatives; with past projects centred on disaster risk assessment and mitigation; mental health and wellbeing; education, training and research; and community engagement in resilience and sustainability as well as response and recovery.