Disaster Resilience Network (DRN) Ghana

Globalized National Orientation Non-Profit-Organization


Working with community imperative values we stand to defend and provide services that assures livelihoods safety, resilience and wellbeing through several initiatives, including advocacy, research, capacity building programs, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and management actions. Provide disaster corrections prompt tools, guide and resources to boost community resilience.


Founded 2010 by Victor K. A. Foli,  legally Est. 2018 under Ghana’s Companies Act, 1963, Act 179 with Registration No. CG071852018 and TIN: C0013667009 . Head office Located at Domiabra Off Obom Road. And it’s Operating Office at First Gate Junction, Oblogo Weija- Accra Ghana.


We are dedicated with a core mandate to address impact of disaster risk, climate change and environmental hazards challenges in various sectors of the Ghanaian economy.

Our focus is conducting research and development into developing new solutions in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation to build disaster-resilient societies. DRNGhana has a national orientation aligned with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development 276 Metropolitan Municipal District Assembly’s- MMDAs to support mainstream disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation programs in their short, medium and long term action plans sustainably. We convene and support inter-communities/cities learning to strengthen resilience (Making Cities Resilient), and to provide capacity building and best practices tools and guide for the public and private sector institutions and Organizations to boost their resilience.

Singular Objective

Group of individuals ranging all possible demographics, with diverse specializations united in Ubuntu envisage a world or world’s free of disasters, inequities and environmental injustice.


We aim to

  • Develop an active cross-sectorial resilience network for the exchange of expert knowledge, best practices, and working models to create synergies with the singular focus of building disaster resilience.


  • Represent and advocate for the needs of most vulnerable communities that are hit hardest within our 276 Local Governance; Metropolitan Municipal and Districts Assembly’s – MMDAs (276) affected by disaster risk and impacts of climate change.


  • Conduct inclusive, safe, and prosperous community engagements to make a case for Ghana to engage in a proactive disaster risk reduction program that includes capacity building and research used to formulate policies that emphasize mitigation and recovery rather than prevention.


  • Develop a national resilience framework that can be used to coordinate the Ghanaian response  to natural hazards in a comprehensive, fact-based, equitable, and capacity-building manner.


  • Channel, catalyze, and facilitate development and deployment throughout Ghana for: Climate Change Adaptation and Management, Economic Livelihood Empowerment programs, Building Resilient Cities/Communities in fulfilment of achieving the Making Cities Resilient- MCR Campaign and UNDRR SENDAI Framework and UNFCCC Convention, Paris Agreement


In all, one word encapsulates the entirety of our existence – Resilience - At Heart and our core value. In so far as we thread towards achieving Resilience, all subsets of disasters automatically fall into the natural order of containment. In interrogating our projects, Programs Intellectual Property’s (IPs) and Concept Papers, you will consistently find Resilience as a central parameter to our works.


As we progress towards strategic partnerships, sponsorships and donor relationships, we implore you, as individual or Establishment/Organization, put Resilient Concepts at the heart of your  operations, inadvertently, you will directly reduce costs of your operations, achieve increased productivity and in the process, directly inform positive DRR -Disaster Risk Reduction and CCM – Climate Change Management and Adaptation altogether, improving your Greenprints, and growing a Sustainable Healthier World / Worlds