Communities Disaster Resilience Committees - CDRC

Communities Disaster resilience committees to prevent and respond to local community level disasters.

 DRNGhana Districts Emergency Management DEM Office, in collaboration with all Greater Accra Regional Districts Disaster Management Committee's DDMCs headed by Districts/Municipal Chief Executive's DCEs/MCEs, to develop, orgañize and complete training of three hundred and fifty five (355) members of District Disaster Management Committees (DDMCs)


With support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the training workshops and consultations will lead to the re-activation and in some cases formation of DDMCs in all Districts in Greater Accra and after completion scale up to the next region. The Committees inter alia, are responsible for identifying, preventing and mitigating local disasters with a proactive scope of boosting community resilience. The DDMCs will also engage in communicating risks of disasters at the national level.